About Us - Irregular Endings

Printed goods for language lovers. That's what we do!

Our aim is to help you bring languages other than English into your everyday life, through bright and simply-designed printed products that feature useful and beautiful words from other languages. We focus on items which you can easily incorporate (or which you might already use) in your day-to-day, at home, work or in between. In this way, the words in your target language become something that you see all the time and, more and more, they become part of your 'normal'.

Whether you are a fully-fledged language lover, a focused language learner or student, someone with a personal connection to another language, or someone who is just interested in bringing something new into your life, we hope that our products can help broaden your language knowledge in their own small way.

Our range currently includes stationery, greeting cards, calendars and tote bags

The languages other than English which we feature at the moment are French, Italian, Spanish and German, but we hope that this list will continue to grow over time!


Let us introduce ourselves...

Our names are Rebecca and Chris, and we're based in Melbourne, Australia.

Irregular Endings grew out of a desire to bring other languages into our own lives, which are otherwise completely dominated by English. As two people who love travelling and had enjoyed studying languages as students, our rediscovery of the fun of language learning some years later led us to start designing what became the basis of the Irregular Endings range.

Between us, we've studied (to varying levels) French, Italian, German, Latin and Japanese. Rebecca has a Diploma in Languages (French) from the University of Melbourne.



Our products and the environment

All our products are designed and printed in Australia. 

We are an environmentally-conscious business and we are continually trying to do more to reduce our impact. As most of our products are paper-based, we print on recycled paper and card stock as much as possible. We are also very selective about choosing local, environmentally responsible printing partners. 

Most of our products are packaged in BOPP poly bags, to help protect them when on display and in transit. These clear plastic bags can be recycled in REDcycle bins at your local supermarket.

If you would prefer that no plastic poly bags are used in packaging your order, we are happy to wrap our products in paper instead to protect them in shipping. Please just make a note in the box titled Would you prefer that we use minimal plastic packaging in your order? at the checkout!