A5 Daily Practice Notepad for French Learners
A5 Daily Practice Notepad for French Learners

A5 Daily Practice Notepad for French Learners

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When learning languages ourselves, we found that our notebooks could become a bit of a shambles of new words to remember, mixed with examples of useful sentences, a new verb conjugation here and there... And all of that in amongst written exercises and practice paragraphs. Everything was a bit all over the place, which made it harder to remember anything that we'd learnt. Sound familiar?

We just needed a structured way to note down new vocabulary, examples and at least one verb conjugation (with some prompts about the key things to remember). So, we designed this template and made it into a notepad, which you can use over and over again!

Naming it a Daily Practice Notepad might seem ambitious, but you can use it as much or as little as you need. Each time you do some reading, listening, writing or speaking practice, you can use your notepad to take notes on new words. When you're done with your session, you can then paste your page into your regular notebook (keeping them separate from your other practice exercises) or keep them clipped together, so that you can reference them as required.

Each sheet features sections for new vocabulary (French on the left, English on the right), example phrases and a 'verb of the day' template to help you note down the key elements to remember (infinitive form, meaning in English, participles, auxiliary verb) and conjugation in the present tense for a new verb.

Happy learning!

  • A5 notepad (210mm H x 148mm W)
  • 50 sheets, 100gsm paper. Design repeated on all 50 sheets.
  • Glued at top (short edge), to allow for sheet to be torn away 
  • Designed and printed in Australia